"Michael is a creative genuis! He’s great with subtle direction and suggestions and if you ask for more direction he won’t hesitate to come up with an idea. His energy is beyond comforting and humble which creates such a pleasant atmosphere on set, he really brings out my creative side. When I saw the final photos I was extremely pleased! He really knows how to capture a entire vibe, even if you feel insecure with posing, Michael will find an angle to accentuate your shape and highlight your skills. It’s definitely a 10/10 review."

- Phoebe

"Michael David is a photographer that is clearly super passionate about his work. He produces the most amazing photos and the behind the scenes atmosphere is so amazing! First time meeting i was instantly comfortable shooting with him. I love him and his work! 10s across the board. super excited to work again in the future." 

- Chanel

"I first met Michael through Instagram sometime in mid 2020. he reached out and asked if i would be interested in shooting sometime. i was reluctant at first because I sometimes feel weird and introverted with new people, but i figured why not. it was really nice to find out that he is great with conversation, and didn’t make me feel weird in any way. and on top of that, he shared my urge to get the finished product back as soon as possible. michael and I went on to shoot several more times and still do to this day. it’s really nice to have someone as talented as he is to share ideas and create with. and not only has Michael become someone i consistently work with, he’s also become a good friend as well. he is without doubt my favorite photographer to work with. I would recommend working with him to anyone, not just because you’ll get great photos, but because you’ll meet a very kind, genuine, just all around good person."

- Adrian

"Michael is so easy to work with, he makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera whether you like it or not.  He’s one of those photographers you can count on to give you 100 percent and plenty of amazing photos afterwards.  Will definitely be booking with him again!"

- Nicky

"I’ve worked with Michael A few times now and it’s been an absolute blast each time. Michael’s very good at what he does, I consider myself a shy, nervous person around others yet every time I work with Michael it’s just been so easy for me to be myself. I feel very comfortable when I’m working with Michael. He’s great at what he does and I love how the pictures turn out and he sends them back to you so fast. I’d definitely recommend working with Michael!"

- Kevin

"Michael David Kennedy was one of the loveliest people to work with. As someone who isn’t a natural in front of the camera, I found myself so comfortable. My cousin and I wanted a shoot to portray our personalities and our dynamic for a podcast we are doing, and he did exactly that. He took our vision and made it even better than what we expected. The final pictures are perfect and everything I could have asked for. It was such a fun experience!"

- Nora

"Working with Michael is amazing and very good vibes! Im glad that we got to get creative together and create magic. Loved the creativity of the final pictures I received as well, you can feel the energy through the photos. Thank you again and looking forward to working again!"

- Kierra

Michael is one of the most nicest, patient photographers Ive ever worked with. I love his creative intellect and eye. When working with Michael I was able to explore my vision and bring it to life without feeling insecure about it. Michael has a way of making anyone on the opposite side of his camera feel like the star they were born to be! The final edits did more than meet my expectations and I will be using his services for the rest of my career. I love him.

- Kalim

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